Monday, June 24, 2013

Up-cycled Greetings

So I've recently come across an old box of vintage greeting cards and ephemera from a local auction. As I was pondering and admiring the vintage greeting cards, it struck me to up-cycle them so they would have new life as a new greeting card. Here are a couple of cards I recently made using the old greeting cards and some of the paper ephemera.

This particular card I created using an old BINGO card and a dance ticket. I loved that the ticket said "Admit Gent & Lady". I added an awesome old photograph of a fine looking "Gent & lady". I finished it off with a rolled book paper rose.

The original vintage greeting card had this lovely set of roses on a clear overlay layered over fine, silver paper. I removed the overlay and framed it with a Spellbinders lacy frame and some book print on the bottom. I added the sentiment to the bottom banner style.
I'm eager to share more of my Up-Cycled Greetings with you soon. Thanks for visiting. Blessings~ Birgit

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