Sunday, February 9, 2014

Please don't look at this post...

So this is a post I really didn't want to do except that I do want to have another chance to win over at Nicole's blog. What we crazy paper crafter's won't do for a chance to win something free. Not that I would ever win, but what do I have to lose by trying, right? Here's a picture of me holding their birthday card.


Colleen said...

Well, just because you said not to look at this post, of course I had too!! It is a great picture! I know my friend didn't want to take of picture of herself either and I said, pfff, you HAVE to in order to get another chance of winning!! Glad you posted this!!

Martha said...

As I quickly looked through all the "small" pictures of entries, yours put a big smile on my face, because of the "Please don't look at this post" title. HA! So, I just HAD to look, & leave you a comment.

I love the card you created! Thanks for sharing this photo.

I'm really enjoying ALL the PTI-Celebration challenges, but I can't seem to be able to keep up.

Darnell said...

Of course, I HAD to come over immediately I saw that you said not to come over!! Very fun post, excellent card, and I hope you do win!! Hugs, Darnell

Martha said...

OK, I had to come back to answer your question, "Where is my picture?" Ha! You made me laugh!

It's not happening! Ha!

Just wanted to also say, that I love your statement below your header. I feel the same way...and I say, "Come quickly, Lord!"

Happy crafting!