Tuesday, June 11, 2019

BOY or GIRL...... Click HERE!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day on Saturday when we had the gender reveal party for my daughter and son-in-love and if you're here for the results, here it is........  

It's a BOY!  
Their dog Royce was very happy to see that he'll have a little man human to love on, protect and play ball with.  They've already picked a name and it is just perfect.  Jackson James.  
Doesn't it have a sweet sound when you say it?

They chose to find out right along with everyone else so I love this picture of them looking at each other with surprise when they saw the blue powder shoot out of the canisters.

Now I get learn all there is to know about being a grandmother.  My eyes sting with tears at the excitement and joy of it all.

Here's a video, if you want to see that too.  

At any rate, 
Thanks for sharing in our joy with me today.  Your visits and comments always brighten my day.  


  1. What a gorgeous post! So happy for you all. Jo x

  2. I have tears in my eyes too!! I'll never forget the moment I found out I was going to be a grandmother. I'm so happy for you and your family Birgit. What a blessing. Oh, adorable card too!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! There is nothing more precious or joyous than a sweet baby! You won't believe how over the moon you will be the 1st time you hold sweet little Jackson James--what a great solid name!!! Your daughter looks fabulous! My eyes are stinging too. Just wait til that sweet boy gives you that 1st sweet sticky kiss, just because. It will set a memory in your heart that will never fade! YAY to you all! xo~

  4. My eyes are a little wet too Birgit...there is just NOTHING to compare to being a grandparent! I love the name they picked out too...it really does have a great ring to it!! Such exciting times are ahead for all of you and I can't wait to hear about every one of them! CONGRATULATIONS again and again!! :0) Oh and great card too!!

  5. How fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing this marvelous moment, Birgit! What a darling card … I couldn't love that sentiment more!

  6. I am so happy for them and for you grandparents too! Thanks for sharing in your joy!

  7. Congratulations Birgit, such lovely news for you all! A wonderful name for your grandson too.
    Fabulous card, love the sentiment.

  8. Oh, Birgit, I'm so happy for you all and I hope your daughter's pregnancy is smooth and that she and Jackson are healthy throughout! I'm sure you've already heard from everyone that being a grandmother is unlike ANYthing you've experienced before. Bliss describes it best! Love your super cute card and thanks for sharing the video, too!! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Oh Birgit, Congrats, how fun, and that card is just precious, love that sentiment!

  10. How exciting, Birgit! I'm so happy and excited for you! Hope your daughter's pregnancy goes well. I know they must be thrilled to start this new adventure. Tell them I love the name!!

  11. How exciting!!!! Congratulations to your sweet family! Love your beautiful projects too!

  12. I am overjoyed with your news, Birgit! I love his name! You will have so many new reasons to make adorable boy cards with dinosaurs and trucks, and the list goes on! This little laundry card is as cute as can be! I love the buttons and the stitching, and of course those cute little overalls!


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